The brief amount of time spent outside of a movie screen has taught me one thing, movies are better. In every sense of the word, the visceral and emotional impact felt by moving images and the sound that they weave between cannot be denied. And after years of their conspicious consumption it would be impossible to deny their cultural and personal impact.

I can’t remember the first movie that I ever saw, but I can remember the first tv show I ever saw: Mario Monster Mash / Rolling Down the River

The ONLY reason I can remember that, is because the theme song was Proud Mary from Creedance Clearwater Revival.

So when I got to Junior College at 18, I had one thing in mind. Make movies, make lots of movies, and make great movies. I studied screenwriting for 2 years, direction and stage design for another year, and 1 year of ‘acting in front of the camera’. All in all, I had failed at everything I took in college, except for what was related to film. Heck, even the ‘History of Cinema’ classes I took, that I slept through and missed regularly, were passed and digested.

Almost 15 years since I first took classes related to film and I have yet to ‘Produce’ anything that has ever used a script or typical story-arc. I have done commercials, filmed tutorials, comedy specials, documentary’s, game shows, and everything in between. But a short film? Feature length production? NOTHING… Never even tried to be totally honest.

That is all about to change in August. On the 15th I fly to Seattle, Washington with my lovely better half. Along with our few days spent relaxing and exploring, we will be canvasing for locations to shoot a few scenes from a short film I wrote years ago. Although the script has survived numberous different computers, usb drives, and cloud storage platforms, the dialogue has not.. As such I have attempted to rewrite what was once an assignment, as something that could be filmed in a weekend with two people and a light amount of equipment.

This is the first Blog entry on OHM in over 4 years. And lets hope it won’t be the last! I will keep everyone aprised of the results and progress on here as well as twitter.