After more than 5 years of podcasting and creating content for other companies and comedians, OHM is finally going to embark on a series of shows specifically geared towards topics we are interested in.

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Podcasting on Location

With new advancements in podcasting technology and demands, we find ourselves constantly trying to create something fresh and new. Our take on how to do that is with an ever evolving dialogue and direction. Starting first with WHY we record. The HOW and the WHEN are both aspects of the conversation more than ever now, but the WHY is still the predominant question that needs answering.

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With 3 upcoming trips scheduled to Seattle, South Africa, and New York, I plan on creating and cultivating a plethora of new content to weave into all of the projects that we finish in 2019. There won’t be a moment I don’t consider capturing content with while on these trips. YES, I do realize the risk of traveling with all of this equipment, and as such I have certain precautions in mind. I.E. never leaving anything of value in the hotel room. Travel with everything OR DIE!!@@!#$!$

3 Podcast Ideas Coming Soon :

Relationship Advice with S&J

A Movie Review and Watch-Along Show

An Inspirational guide to self realization

If you have any ideas about a TRUE-CRIME story or suggestions based on shows you currently subscribe to, please feel free to email me at or leave a comment below. I am anxious and excited for each of the newest shows to have life breathed into them.