Pot Talks – Grow Master Edition (@BigRedsFarm) Intro

This episode was the first of what we hope to be a long line of “learn from the best” companion episodes. We want to continue with our weekly POT TALKS episodes, but also have this added element where industry leaders and aficionados come and school us(and you) on how to do things right.

Next week on Sunday September 11th we will have BIG RED back to talk how to properly go from start to finish and grow like a pro your first time around! So tune in next Sunday at 3:30pm!

Pot Talks – Episode 11 (Mylan Update, Guns and Marijuana, Cannabis Treatment)

Today was another one of those great update episodes where Sheldon and I cover all of the issues that were brought up in previous weeks, plus Guns & Cannabis, which is always a great subject. It seems like every week we get a little bit closer to what we imagined this show to be. And hopefully with the continued support and feedback from all of you we can grow this into the program it deserves to be.

Just after this episode, we sat with BIG RED from BIG RED’S FARMS to introduce him and introduce the brand that he is so well known for. We lead into that a bit towards the end, but we have him back the following week for a very in-depth look at how to grow weed like A PRO from start to finish. Look for that next SUNDAY September 11th around 3:30pm.

The Other Truth with Tony Roberts & Lance Woods – Episode 9 (@BSmoove)

This was a really great episode where the guys return from doing the road and bring in one of their close friends, rapper B Smoove. Tony and Lance always have a fun show with lots of energy, it’s just who they are. But it seems like when they have a 4 person show, it really gets taken to a new level. These are some great shows to be a part of and watch. And from the views, it’s apparent that other people are enjoying it too. Make sure to reach out to Lance and Tony at @SirLanceWoods and @TonyTRoberts and let them know what you think of their shows!

The Other Truth with Tony Roberts & Lance Woods – Episode 8

Another great episode of The Other Truth with Tony and Lance this week. They have some topics that are a bit touchy for most, and some shout outs and birthday celebrations. As well as an homage to one of the greatest, as we lost another comedic genius this week.

Stay tuned as we continue to lock down regular broadcasting days for each show of the week. We will have another episode of The Other Truth this Wednesday Aug 31st. And that episode is a special one as these guys welcome a guest that needs no introduction; the one and only B-Smoove (@bsmoove3).

Pot Talks – Episode 10 (Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Teen Pot Use, Prop 64)

AHHHH BABY! It’s great to be back from Mexico and doing what we love to do most every Sunday; POT TALKS !!!!!

So much fun to have the time to catch up with Sheldon and do our 10th Pot Talks Podcast! We try and keep these between 25min-45min so that they’re fun and not too daunting.

This week we talk Mylan Pharmaceuticals and their dickhead CEO #EPIcunt. Teen Pot Use, and our suggestions on how to address it with your teens. And of course it wouldn’t be a fair use of POT TALKS time if we didn’t at least continue our weekly update on Prop 64 and our ever evolving opinions.

Free Friends – Episode 8 (The Sopranos)

This is Episode 8 of The Sopranos with Mike Cella and ME, Jehan Zohrab. Fun episode as always. We’re enjoying catching up with this series and making some progress, but unfortunately it’s going to be almost two weeks until episode 9 comes out, because I went to Mexico…

Episode 9&10 will come this week, as well as the first few episodes of Season 2. We have some ground to catch up on! And as always,

Pot Talks – Episode 9 (DEA, Government Patent, Canada, Arizona)

This was a fun, but quick episode. We had some points to cover regarding the ongoing issue with declassification of marijuana, or the lack there of. Arizona is also bringing recreational marijuana to the ballot. So that is a must have discussion all in itself. We touch briefly on Canada and why episode 8 of Pot Talks isn’t available anymore…

Still working through technical difficulties and video/audio issues. TBH as we move through these episodes, we have lost 3 audio producers due to their schedules and the conflicts their success has created. So as we learn to piece this process together, we hope to find some consistency and quality producing in the near future!

Free Friends – Episode 7 (The Sopranos)

I know, I know…. It clearly says “episode #8” on the video.. But that’s only because we have gotten to a point (post-episode) where we realize that the concept of “Free Friends” applies to more formats than just re-watching old shows. Companion podcasts, made famous by Joe Rogan, obviously have many platforms in which they work. And as we figure out what we’re doing with this studio, the podcasts, and the network, it’s fun to experiment and see what works best. So on episode “7” the Olympic Edition, we just renamed it to “Olympic Edition” and turned this current episode from #8 to #7 so that it would align back with the episode of Sopranos that we are currently watching… Jesus that was confusing.

So for this episode we watched Epsiode #7 of The Sopranos. And boy oh boy was it one of the worst episodes yet. Mike and I were decent, and had fun. But this episode was a drag. And I warned him that a few of these episodes between Season 1&2 just aren’t great. Seasons 3 and 4 are in my opinion the most fun. And by 5 & 6 it’s just a race to finish a story before over-paying these actors. Stay tuned for episode #8, that will actually be an eighth episode!