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Netflix Must See Movie: Volume 5

I like doing these “Volume” editions of my “Netflix Must See Movie” category posts. It lets me suggest several titles all in one lazyish post that will undoubtedly be read by the kind of people that have already seen these movies. So for that, you are welcome!

On a more serious note, I would like to say that any movie/TV Show/Documentary that is recommended by me on here, I entirely stand behind and have watched several times. One can only hope that along with my abundance of class and street cred, my passion for cinema and procrastination means that my cinematic suggestions have some value.

1. Super Troopers


If you haven’t seen this movie before, and you are over the age of 15, simply put, what is wrong with you? This comedic masterpiece was made by the comedy troupe behind Beerfest. This being the groups freshman outing and what some consider their best effort to date. I can’t recommend this movie highly enough. It’s honest, outlandish, and one of the best comedies of the early 2000’s. The best part of getting to see this for the first time(if you do fall in that category) is that after nearly 15 years, Super Troopers 2 has been green-lit, and the filming will begin shortly.

20150323010408-2015-03-22-topgraphic_thetimeismeow_04 key_art_super_troopers-2

2. Payback

What I find most interesting about Mel Gibson, is that I always knew he was crazy, but like most, never really acknowledged it because his roles always called for that intense energy. Then that infamous call came out, and all of a sudden you realized what that same energy  amounted to when misdirected. And all of a sudden, the consummate celebrity, and Hollywood idol was reduced to a has-been. Just like that. Braveheart forgotten. Lethal Weapon but a faded memory. And the untouchable icon subsequently reduced to his lowest position within a matter of months.

Anyways, this movie is great. Gibson plays a hard-nosed character named Carter, who’s sole occupation is revenge and his specifically low amount of money he wants returned. Very fun, intense, and surprisingly dark action film with one of the best actors ever in arguably his last great performance. Grab a brew, a bud, and set aside two hours for this badass romp!


3. Assassins

A movie that could clearly only be conceived in 1990’s during the heyday of an American Action Movie Star’s career. The plot and people behind it are simply absurd. But, like The Running Man, Hard Target, Under Siege, or any films of that era, excess and testosterone are the fuel to this cinematic fire. So in an effort to really enjoy these films to their fullest, you kind of have to turn off the rational part of your brain, and sit back and relax.

Basically, this is about two assassins, who are entirely different, and will remind you of it with each and every scene. Lots of silencers, dated suits and sound effects. Yet this movie is carried by a Razzie Award Winning Performance by Sylvester Stallone, and a young and sultry Antonio Banderas fresh off of his success in Desperado. This movie is sexy as fuck. Can’t recommend getting stoned and watching this highly enough.


4. Joe Dirt

Brittany Daniel in her prime!! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?!

JOE DIRT, Brittany Daniel, 2001.

That alone is worth watching this. But then add in Dennis Miller as a less douchey version of himself, and add Christopher Walken as a former mobster turned janitor? The cameos and fun characters alone are worth the viewing.

Joe is the ultimate comes from dirt type of character. A loner who feels at his most comfortable when isolated and away from those who take advantage of him. Yet constantly battling with his innate need for affection and love. This is one man’s journey to find his family, his identity, and the one he loves most…

And can you believe that story is a comedy?! Even though I know it’s a comedy, just to write that synopsis, and then reread it, wow, depressing AF. Only David Spade could pull this off and make it a comedy. I guess a giant meteor turds can always help and lend a comedic hand too.


joe-dirt (1)

5. What’s The Worst That Could Happen


Most people that don’t like this film saw it under the wrong circumstances. In that they thought this was going to be a good movie and or a serious crime caper with a few comedic turns. When in actuality, it’s a bad movie and unquestionably a comedy(which also happens to have a bit of stealing in it).

If you aren’t familiar with John Leguiziamo’s stand up, he’s amazing. If you weren’t aware that Martin Lawrence was considered one of the most amazing Comedian’s of his time, he was. And if after all of that, you still have no clue that Danny Devito was once a top billed headlining comedian across the country, then rest assured, this is all true, and THEY WERE.

I’m totally lying, Danny Devito was never a comic. He was just a penguin once.

Anyways, my point in referencing the comedic backgrounds of our two stars is that when two comedians get paired as the lead(s) in a movie, it may not end in cinematic gold, but I guarantee it will make you laugh. And although this isn’t the best movie in the heist-genre, it certainly is the funniest. TAKE THAT ENTRAPMENT!!! Also did I mention this movie has the late and great Mr. Bernie Mac!? NUFF SAID FOLKS!


– Jehan

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