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Netflix Must See Movie: Leon: The Professional

“Hey, Leon, nothing’s gonna happen to you. You’re indestructible! Bullets slide off you, you play with ’em.” – Tony


I have mixed emotions for people who are my age and haven’t seen this movie. On one hand, your parents probably loved you a lot, and you spent your youth watching television more appropriate for your age. On the other hand, this means that you probably didn’t have as cool of a dad, and you probably missed a lot of other great action films like this.

Leon is about a professional “Cleaner” or hitman, who is employed by a faction of the Italian mob in New York. His story arc is that of a loner, who’s dedication to his craft supersedes the need for any other impulse or desire. He forgoes everything in life in an attempt to be a pure killing machine, who’s only weakness is his dependency on milk. Yes, milk. There is actually so much milk in this movie, that if you’re lactose intolerant, they suggest you take a lactaid 30 minutes before watching.

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Leon is introduced to a young Natalie Portman after an incident involving her parents and some dirty cops. It’s a fateful encounter, and something that changes Leon forever. He is forced to deal with a new challenge, and with a somewhat creepy Lolita-esque tone to it, he does surprisingly well. The main standout in this film for me is Gary Oldman’s character, Stansfield. All I can say about this incredible performance is WOW. Gary Oldman was, is, and will always be in a league of his own when it comes to acting. And this take on the movies main antagonist, and overall d-bag extraordinaire is nothing short of amazing.Leon The Professional10

This movie has it all. It’s an action movie with the heart of an incredibly gentle love story. And although it might seem dated at first, you quickly slip into the time-period, and remember what an incredible piece of cinema this movie really is.

– Jehan


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