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Netflix Must See Movie: Noah

So apparently you have to not remember the bible and the “ACTUAL” story of Noah to appreciate this film? Or at least be somewhat intoxicated?

Noah three

Either way I can find solace in the fact that I fall into both of those categories, and subsequently enjoy this movie immensely.

If I am honest anyways, it’s as much bible as I can personally stand in my cinema, and the exact amount of Russel Crowe that should be in most movies. Plus, Darren Aronofsky, the guy that directed The Fountain and Black Swan crafted this. And I only mention that because both of those films are profound and somewhat weird in their own right, so to expect anything less in this outing is frankly your fault.

The critics of this movie tend to illustrate just how far this movie strayed from it’s biblical origins, but frankly, who cares. I get that it’s called “Noah”, and that the Bible is a sacred book to many, but at the end of the day, the story of the world flooding and two of every living species living aboard a boat, is a bit far fetched and open to interpretation in it’s own right. So shouldn’t this movie also fall into that same grey area of interpretation that the bible is generally so fond of? Well Shouldn’t it!?!? Relax, I am only kidding. Kind of…


Whatever the case may be, this movie is undeniably well done and clearly crafted by a master story teller on a scale that is nothing short of breathtaking. Even if you disagree with this particular version of the story, or the proximity to its original form, this is still a MOVIE that can be enjoyed in the right mindset.

– Jehan

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