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Netflix Must See Movie: Daredevil

Can we all just take a moment and acknowledge one simple truth about the Daredevil franchise(or lack there of). All quality aside, at least acknowledge how good the cast, script, and production would have to be to get a GREENLIT reboot of that original shitfest-of-a-movie with Ben Affleck.

I was wondering if I actually cared about this hero or his story as this project got announced last year. And simply put, I didn’t give any kind of a shit about Daredevil, Matt Murdock, or any action film that centers around a walking stick. Frankly, fuck that movie, and this super hero.

But then I watched it. Begrudgingly mind you, and I even liked it. And not just after a few episodes with some time for it to latch on. I liked it right away. The story of the father, and his angry washed up boxing ways. About the “devil being inside those Murdoch boys” sold me in a very cliched type of way.



Each episode has introduced new methods in which this blind vigilante applies justice. Everything from scientific breakdowns of supernatural abilities, to cool yet-unbelievable ways in which he uses his hearing as a type of sonar-like-x-ray to see what bones have been broken. Plus, did I mention he can essentially HEAR THE TRUTH. Which makes him basically the best TV-superhero yet, and also a complete nightmare to date.

All lame jokes aside this show is fun, yet gruesome and viscous when needed. I think it’s the third big Netflix show to have wide appeal(House Of Cards, Orange is the New Black), and possibly even the first with actual potential of a movie spin-off. You should watch this. If not for my recommendation, then simply to watch a former Bash Brother from the Mighty D team up with Owen Slater from Boardwalk Empire.


– Jehan

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