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How Dare You, Hollywood. Fuck Avatar.

The Yahoo.com Article that spurred this entry

I’m not overtly patriotic, at least not in the traditional sense, but there is something about this that really bugs me. Maybe it’s just because they glorified it in such a way, entirely forgoing the adverse affect it has on its own country. But if your movie is American, your actors are all American, your staff and cgi team are all based in America, then it’s absurd to film your movies in New Zealand and employ a foreign economy in such a massive way(and I’m not speaking to LOTR, just Avatar). All of the Lord of the Rings were filmed in New Zealand, as well at this current Hobbit trilogy. And as of recently, the next two sequels to Avatar, have officially been inked to film and develop in New Zealand. This basically equates to a $500million dollar infusion from avatar alone(not including LOTR) into their local economy. I get that it’s all financially based, and the tax break is enormous, but seriously?


 With places like Detroit and Chicago falling apart, these rich Hollywood executives should be ashamed. They film indoor, and the CGI-team works in a warehouse. I can understand filming on location for a backdrop or specific location shoot, but what’s your excuse when you film indoor? Or in front of an IMAX size green screen? If these people in charge would simply apply a more empathetic business model, they’d unquestionably be rewarded.  Meaning, that if you infused $500million into Detroit, people would actually have money to buy tickets to your movie. And not pirate it. The good-will extended to those people would not be forgotten, the publicity would be priceless, and the lives changed would be immeasurable. Simply put, with the access to information that we have today, you can’t go around pissing in people’s ears and telling them it’s raining.

I can’t tell you what to do with your money or your time, but hopefully after this you realize you have better things to do with both then see either of the Avatar sequels.

Probably not though.

– Jehan


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