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A List of New Netflix ‘Must See’ Movies: Volume 3

There comes a time in every mans life when he must decide what will define who he is and how he is remembered.

I have good news and bad news about this.

The good news is that I doubt this article will define me. The bad news is that I’m not certain about the good news.

Here is a short list of “New(ish)” releases and whatnot:

Forrest Gump


I tweeted this the other day, and frankly it’s all I have to say about that:

“Those of you who are surprised that Tom Hanks has diabetes clearly have never been in a movie

Because after 72 takes life sure is like a box of diabetes.”

Room 237


If you have ever found yourself knee-deep in a Kubrick flick you know that you have probably missed some details this keen director personally inserted. To take that one step further, if you have ever seen The Shining, then you know there must be a bit of a story behind the undertaking of such a massive movie. And sure enough, with a man like Kubrick behind the camera, there were plenty of hidden gems in this flick. **theoretically of course**

And this movie specializes in the very last part between these ****. Over-sold and dramatized a bit, yes. But fascinating and a different take on a movie so many love, definitely.

Upside Down


Let me get one huge caveat right out-of-the-way before you venture too far down this cinematic rabbit hole. This movie literally makes no FUCKING (scientific) sense what-so-ever.

Phew, now, where were we. Oh yeah, do you like science fiction with a titch of charm and action? Do you like that British guy from that Beatles remake/musical Across the Universe? What about Kirsten Dunst, from, well, everything ten years ago? This movie is definitely a very unique take on an exhausted genre. It’s definitely a hidden gem if you can turn the ol’ brain off for a bit too.



Do I really need to write anything here? It’s the fucking Ghostbusters… A quintessential comedy for the 80’s, this is definitely a dated film, but also a MUST SEE.

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels


Before Madonna, before Sherlock and Snatch, there was this little gem. What some might consider his ‘Opus’, this is unquestionably one of the best British gangster movies that has ever been made. A story that is as brilliant as it is unique, and with a cast of characters unlike anything we had seen before, this movie is most certainly a savage way to spend the evening.

Also, Jason Statham looks older in this than he does today, 15 years later.

Ron White; A Little Unprofessional


You either like him, or you don’t. Most people are familiar regardless of their preference. But one thing is certain about Mr. White, he sure makes being a big ball of “I don’t give a fuck” extra cool. His specials generally cover everything from his love life to his encounters with the law. This one is no different. He is a little unprofessional, but after all, isn’t that why we love him?

Road House


I feel like people born in the 1990’s just missed out on a whole bunch of the wonder and magic that is Patrick Swayze. One of the most cliché ridden movies you will ever see, yes, but unquestionably one of the quintessential good vs evil action films of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Dalton, played by Swayze, is the best in the business. His business being ‘the cooler’ of high-end night clubs and bars. It’s simple, he shows up, he collects his money, he kicks some ass, and then he gets the girl. But good luck finding a movie in that genre that ends in a throat rip. ROAD HOUSE

The Italian Job


Not the best movie ever made. Certainly a close second to its predecessor, but boy is it fun. Between it’s diet-Ocean 11 cast, and it’s charming chase scenes with the ever so adorable mini coopers(of which this movie was part of their initial product launch). Marky Mark is on point as always, and so is the rest of the cast. It’s a heist-revenge-action-romper with all the clichés one needs to fill an evening.



Before there was Glee, or MTV, or twerking, there was a little Australian girl in a tight leather outfit that was serenaded by none other than Mr. Cool himself, John Travolta. Clearly full of people who are far too old to be in High School, Grease is one of those movies that transcends what we think of a typical “film”. For whatever reason, Grease is more of a fad, then a film. You don’t just watch Grease. You live it. Until you come to the sad realization that High School never had that much charisma, or singing. But right up until that moment, you can rest assured that this is in a league of its own. Still the undisputed Heavy Weight champion of Musicals.

Resident Evil


I won’t say much, because Frankly, it doesn’t really deserve it. But as a movie that started with so much promise, it’s a shame to see what’s become of the series. Start with this one, and then just pretend like there is no such a thing as a 2,3, or 4. I’d suggestion intoxication of some sort as well.

Marc Maron: Thinky Pain


What could certainly be considered his best Special to date. “Thinky Pain” just oozes ‘Maron’ all over it. His signature perspective and delivery are as good as ever, as he is in what most will consider the best place in life he has ever been. His podcast is the #1 podcast out there, he just launched a new Tv show “Maron” on ifc, and he’s in what most would perceive his best relationship to date. But don’t let all that positivity full you, Marc is still very much ‘Marc’, and his trademark pessimism and outlook is as present as ever.

Assault on Wall Street

This is the ALTERNATE title and movie Poster HAHAHA. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?
This is the ALTERNATE title and movie Poster HAHAHA. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

This is what porn looks like for our parents and everyone in their demographic. Seriously, check this out just for the chuckles. I’m usually a staunch hater of all the garbage that Uwe Boll churns out, but this is a serious exception. Don’t go in expecting The Godfather, and you should leave with a sense of satisfaction and empowerment.



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