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A List of New NETFLIX ‘Must See’ Movies: Volume 2

It’s safe to say at this point that if you cannot find desirable programming on Netflix, then you must be an asshole.

To be fair, and a bit more serious, I’m not sure Netflix has the best methods of delivering “new” programming to its subscribers. Unless you are an avid twitterererer or an actual Netflix stock holder, your only way of finding new programming would be by searching Netflix.com on your own. And as any Netflix subscriber knows, their home page is a bit flooded and inundated with shows and movies they probably are not interested in. Netflix is doing its best to develop new methods to insure your Netflix “experience” is entirely unique and customized to your preferences.

BUT, until then, you’re all stuck with me. So without further ado:


1. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:


This is either a movie that is lived, or not. Understood, or not. Meaning that most of this movies fans can relate to the drug filled journey that is embarked upon. Or they cannot, and subsequently dislike this movie. This is the original “hangover” without all the commercial nonsense that diluted the true psychedelic Vegas experience that is so much apart of the counter-culture. Starring Johnny Depp as the great Hunter S. Thompson, alongside his trusted attorney, Dr. Gonzo (Benicio Del Torro). Not a movie I would watch with my parents or some adolescence, but definitely something that can be enjoyed by the right(willing) viewer.


2. Batman Year One:



Given it’s format, the guidelines in which the franchise works, and the framework in which the mask crusader must be portrayed, there isn’t exactly a lot left to do with Batman. It’s as if this character can’t possibly be seen in any new or different light. Yet here I am, watching a cartoon and liking it so much that I felt compelled to add it to this list. Honestly, this movie is so badass and well done that it unquestionably deserves a much longer and much more dedicated write-up. It’s dark, mischievous, and what any Batman fan has ever wanted. But for now you’ll have to settle for this and put an hour of your life aside for this amazing part 1 of an epic 2-part Batman series.

3. Requim for a Dream:


“Ass to ass”… Seriously, if you are meek or queasy in any way than I would strongly advise you to avoid this. This is a savage tale of what a true downward spiral looks like through the life of an addict(s). Crazy unique, and will always remain one of those movies that MUST and CAN only be watched once(by normal people).

4. Saturday Night Fever:

large saturday night fever blu-ray7

Long before there was a statewide ban on house-called-male-masseuses at casa de Travolta, there was this. Post Grease/Saturday Night Fever John Travolta essentially was Jesus. With a soundtrack by the Beegees, and a raw Brooklyn feel, this take on the 1970’s disco scene is both fun and serious. Memorable, and forgettable. It sticks with you in a weird way, but I’m guessing it’s just because of how damn likable Tony Manero really is.

5. DysFunktional Family:


Any real comic will tell you that there are a handful of these guys. Guys that posses greatness and are unmatched in raw ability and talent. And almost always these are the same guys that die young or dwindle away promising careers for no good reason. Be it issues in their personal or professional life, something always seems to hold them up. Something always seems to prevent them from delivering on the promise of greatness that they gave us. This my friends, is one instance of a promise from Eddie Griffin. Before television or movies, he was a stand up comedian. And a damn good one. Some might argue one of the greatest ever when he was “on”. This is my second favorite stand up special of his, and it just so happens that it’s now streaming on Netflix. Absolutely hilarious, and out of all the specials I’ve recommended, this might just be the best one.

6. Hell on Wheels:


Post Civil War, confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon finds himself struggling to hold his existent together as he’s tossed carelessly among the aftermath of the Civil War. In all the flurry and uphevel he loses his wife. This sends him on a hellbent mission to find those responsible. The reason it makes this list, aside from its overtly appealing and entirely too simple plot was the fact that Common is in it. And in it well. A very cool partnership of two very likable badass characters on a show produced by AMC and the Gayton brothers. Definitely engrossing and with the recent addition of season 2 it looks like you’ll have plenty of media to get your binge on.

7. Zoolander:


Do I even need to review this, or is it simply good enough that I brought it to your attention? Oh yeah, Alexander Scarsgard, the big blonde vampire Eric from True Blood, is one of the models that dies in the gasoline fight. Earth to Jehan, why the fuck do you know that…. Melancholia?! Bueler????

8. Derek:


I have yet to actually laugh out loud, but this charming little British comedy is something that I find quite likable and entertaining. Revolving around a slightly retarded version of Ricky Gervais, played by Ricky Gervais, in a nursing home in England. The cast is comprised entirely of English actors who I’m sure will ring as familiar to all Gervais aficionados. For those of you who like a more simple and straight forward delivery/punch line, I would probably advise against this. But for any of you who find the “original British” version to always be the best version, I’m sure you will love this.

9. Once Upon a Time in the West:


Slow. Epic. Grandiose. And not to be watched by stupid people who use their phones for the entire duration of a meal. This is the great Sergio Leone’s last spaghetti western. And what a way to go out it was. He reinvented the method for the “good guy vs. bad guy” genre in cinema, and then continued to break his own mold and improve upon the stories within each film. This being arguably his best film next to ‘The Good the Bad and the Ugly’. With Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson both at the leads, you can rest assured that this Western is definitely worth the price of admission.

10. Portlandia Season 3:


This is kind of show is either loved or hated. Understood or not. There rarely is ever a middle ground for this type of “alternative comedy”(whatever that means anyways). I happen to surprisingly find myself on the other side of the fence here. As a fan I can say that not every joke or episode is my cup of tea. But I can confidently say that their attempt at humor is always present and genuine, and for that I will always come back for more.



Ahhh, there we are. One more volume down, and 10 more shows that should certainly not go overlooked. I hope you enjoy my selections, and if you ever have any suggestions or ideas, be it for this entry or another, feel free to grab a piece of paper, write it down your note, fold it up, put it in an envelope, and then kill yourself. I forgot who originally said that joke, but it’s just too good of a way to end a blog. So, yeah.

– Jehan

p.s. Volume 1 


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