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Emotionally Unavailable: The Results are IN!




So this should come as a surprise to no one.

But the results of the “Deal Breaker Poll” are in, and the overwhelming favorite was:

“Emotionally Unavailable”( 137 VOTEs and 26% of the total).

Here is my two cents:

Firstly, I feel like this only applies to the woman out there that THINK they don’t need a man, and in-turn put THEMSELVES and ALL KINDS OF MEN through “the ringer” in efforts of protecting themselves(or their purses.. or whatever the fuck.. loony hookahhhs). Anyways…. lol

I’m not sure if any one word or description will suffice, but they each seem to have an air to them that acts as if they are undeterred by anything that any man can do to them. Spelling out “independent” to a pop song just doesn’t seem to encompass how independent these woman (would like you to think they) are. When in reality all they are really doing is proving how emotionally immature they are, and how your best interests will always come second.

Now we all know why they do this. It’s because, in the past, they have been hurt and screwed over by many of the men in their live’s (both family and otherwise). They’ve been taken advantage of and had their best interests cast aside on numerous occasions. And mind you, never do they treat the men that hurt them like they treat the men that love them. Tear…. lol. Technically speaking, they can’t be blamed for their dispositions, just their inability to change.

Secondly, the other side of the  “emotionally unavailable” coin, is that of the nauseatingly simple boyfriend. A boyfriend who appears to have the attention span and emotional range of a squirrel. Which may be the dramatic version of what really tends to exist. But the fact remains, a majority of the protest comes from woman who do not seem to be fulfilled emotionally (probably not filled physically either if you know what im saying… ohhhhhhhhhh……. fml)

There’s also the suave player who will sacrifice anything and everything in efforts of protecting their ego’s and how they feel others view them. These people are generally referred to as psychopaths, at the very least narcacissts, and for them, I know a good shrink  in SoCal. 😉

None-the-less, its clear that the “emotionally unavailable” moniker doesn’t belong to any one gender, but to a specific person who has some things to work on. (although we all know woman are the ones that are really to blame here… ;-))

The Second Most Popular of the “Deal Breaker” poll was : “Their Friends” at 17%

This one seems pretty straight forward. Chicks have a slew of friends. But the ones they actually hang out with tend to be girls that “compliment” them. Or in turn make them visible and viable to a group that they would otherwise be “irrelevant” to. Also, just to be fair, these “friends” are probably, somewhat, kinda, in the right light, actually friends. Maybe… It’s still debatable in my perilously sized caveman brain.

And just for the record, I don’t actually believe woman can have friends that are other woman (especially attractive ones). Woman are creatures of necessity, and we all know what happens when two people are left to fight over the same ONE THING. But if I digress down that rabbit hole right now we may return without any female readers……

So for the sake of brevity, lezbehonest:

WOMAN! Stop having that “deadbeat friend” that is always costing you (cough me). Stop dragging around that “moody-style-cramping” friend just so she can possibly make you look good by comparison. And PLEASE, for the LOVE of all things that are a “NATURAL ERECTION”, PLEASE stop dragging around that “trash-talking-drama-loving-suent”

MEN! Stop hanging around the guy that lives his life with only two requisites in a woman “a pulse and uhhh vagina”.. Also, it helps not to have friends that have massive short-comings. I.E. the friend that steals, lies, cheats, hurts, or kills. Pretty straight forward for guys. Oh yeah, and don’t be friends with the guy that you can’t trust around your girl. Because nothing says “go ahead and fuck my girl friend” like not knowing your head from your ass.

Third Place in the “Deal Breakers” Poll: “Bland Conversations” ~ doesn’t make you laugh or feel special

Now this one is rather baffling. Not that it exists, but that it made the top 3. I always try to make people feel special. Whether it’s by paying attention, or simply pretending to pay attention, those of you that know me best, know I give a fuck (when it suits me….) And ESPECIALLY if I’m sleeping with them(her….. don’t get it twisted).

So it’s quite confusing to see this be such a prominent issue (as if my poll has any barring on prominence.. laughable). But I do tend to hear from the ladies in my life (notice I don’t say “friends”… well you do now), that the men they give their “attention” to don’t appreciate it (or them). And to that, I say STFU. Seriously. If you don’t feel loved, wanted, or “heard”, leave. There are tons of men out there who are dieing for chance to disappoint you…..

Out of all of the issues, this one has more to do more with the person, then the partner. But either way, Grow up and stop thinking that men are the shallow ones, when clearly there are more woman in bad relationships then men… And yeah, I just said that. I just made some nonsensical arbitrary statement that can’t possibly be valid…. BIG FUCKING SURPRISE.

Enjoy Your Day

– Jehan

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  1. You have some incredible blanket statements here. Some good points, some bad, overall you’re having fun. That’s what matters.

    • thanks for the feeback. i really appreciate it. any chance you care to elaborate? id love to have an adverse opinion with some passion behind it.

      • Which portion would you like to talk about? 🙂 Each person we talk about in live is not everyone. We make assumptions about others based on our experiences, what we’ve read, the things we’ve learned. I do like the last portion, if a person’s not happy, they should move on. Complaining isn’t going to do anything, people are going to do what they’re going to do.

        • Hmmmm.. haha, well I do tend generalize for the sake of entertainment, more specifically for the sake of conveying a point in a dramatic fashion (as if to hope that the message might actually be conveyed and retained). But lets be very clear. I’m not assuming anything here. I have plenty of first hand experience, both personally and vicariously. And what I’ve conveyed(or tried to), is a combination of realizations and epiphanies made my much smarter people than myself. Essentially we are genetically ingrained beyond what most of us think is possible. Yes, we have the ability to evolve past it. But when the genetic code is millions of years old, and our “new-found-theories” are relatively infantile, its very difficult. And my “generalizations” were geared towards specific groups. Not all Woman, and certainly not ALL men. I get what you are saying, and I appreciate the feedback and response. But I feel like the point was missed after your inability to remove yourself personally from the point being conveyed. 🙂

  2. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I think your reaction is very natural and instinctual, especially given your stance and who you appear to be (nice blog btw). BUTTTTT, some woman tend to confuse “generalizations” with “hasty generalizations”. Especially when neither are in their benefit. And more often then not I generalize for the sake of entertainment. And for the sake of sparing specific people who are in driving distance of my home… lastly, I don’t assume anything in my writing. I would never take that liberty. Plus, if you ever met me you would know I do plenty of assuming all day… I write about personal experience, and do research to back it up. Generalize, ehhh yeah, life is too funny not to. But you rest assured, that this man is ASSumption free!!

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