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Netflix Must See Movie: Jim Jefferies Fully Functional


“If you don’t drink, then all of your stories suck and end with, And then I got home…” Jim Jefferies

Seeing him live is the only setting that truly does this man’s work justice. But lucky for you, this saucy Australian has a pretty healthy resume for you to get acquainted with. He has two other comedy specials, “I Swear to God” (buy, preview), and “Alcoholocaust” (buy, preview). Both of which are far-and-above most other comedic “specials”. So you can rest assured that if you decide to spring for the dvd, and set some time aside, you will not be disappointed.

Jim’s most recent special, “Fully Functional”, takes off right where his last special ended (Netflix Link: Jim Jefferies Fully Functional). Which is with him being an alcoholic-woman-hating-cunt.. And that’s why we love him so much.

Though I can’t claim this special has the same “swag” that his earlier ones did, I will say that it is more thought-out and concise. His timing and enunciation are the best it’s ever been.

However there is something that is poignantly missing. Something that only a seasoned veteran, and devoted fan would notice.

And that’s the proverbial “dryness” that appears to be in the ether around him. More specifically, this is the first recorded special that Jim has done in which he hasn’t been apparently belligerent  This was the first time that there were no applause breaks from the audience just because they had a substance to relate with. You can say what you want, justify and rationalize all things in the name of maturity, but the fact remains. Jim Jefferies is at his best when he’s on his soap box and preaching the drunken truth.

Now with that being said, this NEEDED to happen, and for more reasons than one might be able to appreciate. Simply put,  Jim had to begin to progress as both a man and a comic. There’s an interview on this comedy blog where he discusses the importance of growing up and treating his body better (link). He discusses the dramatic changes in his life over the last year, and how he has learned to embrace and cope with everything. Basically, Jim is at that point in his life where being a 35 year old comic who is drunk 25/30 days a month just isn’t doable anymore. And especially now that he has newborn baby with his long-time girlfriend.

So in summation, as long as you have a (liberal) sense of a humor, and aren’t married to any-particular-idea, Jim Jefferies will entertain the shit out you. He will leave you bracing for pain from how much laughter you have endured. And like all GREAT comedians, he will make you hate the things he hates, and embrace the things he loves. And in the unconditional fashion that all great artists do.

– Jehan

LEGIT, on FX at 10:30 on Thursdays after Archer. Seriously one of the best and most interesting new shows on TV. (LEGIT on FX)

Jim is also the better half to a fairly popular comedy podcast called “Talking Shit with Jim Jefferies and Eddie Ifft“. (Link)

** one caveat; Jim currently is busy with his new show on FX, Legit so this podcast has returned to the sole possession of Eddie Ifft. HOWEVER , there are over 150 episodes with Jim Jefferies that you can use to familiarize yourself with. **

(Jim Jefferies . com)

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