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Mass relationship advice for the meek! or meek relationship advice for the masses?

Only chivalrous men ask this question..
Only chivalrous men ask this question..

“You ever talk to a 21-year-old drunk girl with daddy issues?

It’s like there’s a helicopter landing in the distance, and all I hear is– [mimicking helicopter rotors] while she talks. And every now and then, I might get a word, like,”american ” [mimicking helicopter rotors] And finally, she sees that look in my eyes, and she goes, “are you too old to be interested in me”

” and I’m like, “woman, am I too old to put this in there?


But am I too old to continue to pretend and”– [mimicking helicopter rotors] “That this shit (points to her then himself)?

Isn’t taking a piece out of my fucking soul?

Yeah, I’m Moses old for this shit sweetheart ” Dov Davidoff‘s Filthy Operation

The most common theme to my generation’s struggle ( that of the privileged 22-32 yo in America) at this point is that of love. Or the act of finding it. Which is ironic when you consider what a human is capable of. We can build a large hadron collider and recreate the big bang. We can send shit to the moon, and find information billions of miles away. But we can’t, for the life of us, seem to figure out the right way of figuring out “whats wrong” with a girl without asking her. And girls can’t seem to have their “cake” and “eat it too”. Everything and everyone is tossed into these unbecoming categories that start relationships off in this unbecoming zone full of predication’s.

You’re either a player or a game-less bitch. You’re either a slut, or Nun that’s not worth the effort. We require love. BUT, don’t you dare actually say it, or require it to be said, because that’s just weak and needy. Don’t follow me and stalk my actions, but I want to be the center of your life.

Love in itself is much like tight-rope walking. Over the grand canyon. With birds migrating over-head. And the first person you ever slept with is at the end nagging you about your performance in bed. lol… Get what im getting at?!?! It’s generally a bewildering experience to be taken on as a right of passage. And as any seasoned “lover” will tell you, the only thing that changes with time and experience, is that you now own tight-rope walking shoes and your expectations of successfully crossing have been realistically adjusted. I.E. I’ve learned that falling is inevitable and now my reaction time to recovering from the fall is substantially less. That’s really all the advice there is. No secret that I know of yet. And if I did, I’d put it in a book and sell it to you assholes for $34.95. And I’d narrate the shit out of that. Just in case you were worried about having to read my theoretical book.

So what was the point of this you ask? Why even post a question or quandary if you don’t have a realistic or even remote way of remedying the problem?!? Because the first step to understanding and coping with an issue is to address it and think it through in a controlled and logical manner. I have just as many issues with the opposite sex(or same for my gay friends.. hllr) as anyone else. But I have noticed in a rather painful way that the best technique to overcome an issue is to talk about it and discuss it from as many different vantage points as possible. And thus this rather impotent entry, and for that matter, my blog in general. Much Love Friends, Enjoy your Weekends!!

– Jehan

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