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Poetically Inclined Notion of the… GFY

STFU (Photo credit: mr lynch)

As someone who has the unfortunate disposition to wear his heart on his sleeve whilst still maintaining an exuberant amount of pride (i know that’s a bit of an oxymoron, but so are you for coming to this site so STFU). Let me enlighten you of one of my most recent epiphanies: Life is not easy. Its not hard either, its just a constant struggle. Its something I find to be very similiar to that of an addict. I AM A SOCIAL ADDICT, and the first step, I hear, is admitting it. Im socially inclined to talk, project and emphasize all things that are my opinions and thoughts. Much to my own demise. NOT SURPRISE, but demise. Im continuously left with the thought of “ohh did I just offend someone, and if so, should I care, considering how easily that person is offended??”. Dont get me wrong, im a prolific “Not giving a fuck” type of person. But im still human (if you can consider persians human). Some might find this to be a bit redundant. But before you do let me just say one thing. Your opinion couldnt be any less important to me. Unless of course, you were a fan, and are now offended, because then I find myself a bit torn. Either way, enjoy your day, and let me say, GO FUCK SOMEONE(not just yourself, your better than that)

– Jehan

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