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Where it all began. Tear………. “Rant of the day 5-20-2012”

At this point in my life I have very little hope in all things USA. And what I mean by “USA” is uniform subsidiary assholism. Which in turn essentially means people that are subsidized by the government (aka state employees and political officials) to do absolutely nothing besides waste our time and tax dollars. And no, this is not in reference to any columbian hookers or cuban escorts. That my friend, is simply a way that the wheels keep moving. Of which I have no business judging. What im talking about in particular is the nearly $2 trillion in costs that stems from 2 wars we don’t have any justifiable reason to still be engaged in. And don’t even get me started on these new $1 billion dollar presidential campaigns. Any “industry”, and yes, running for office is an industry, that necessitates that kind of money, has some prerogative and debt towards the biggest of contributors. Now before you leave this site, for fear of your brain having to think about something other than American Idol injustices, do me the single favor of understanding that this site is solely geared towards COMEDY and all things related. It just so happens that I want the first post on this site to be something of “some substance”. I promise things to come will be much lighter, and hopefully entertaining. But for now I leave you with this random thought, in hopes that you consider returning on a daily basis. As I will post all things funny and entertaining that pertains to my everyday life and thought process. And don’t forget to follow me on twitter, under Jzohrab, as that is where the real fun happens.

– Jehan

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